Our Mission

Using collaboration as our guiding value and fundamental process, we help individuals, organizations, and institutions create sustainable, transformative change through research, evaluation, strategic planning, and capacity building.

We currently serve South Florida and Central Florida.  




At CCG, we believe that research and evaluation play a critical role in positive social change. We envision a world where individuals, organizations, and institutions incorporate evaluative thinking and processes into their daily activities. By harnessing the power of collaboration and systematic inquiry in the pursuit of tackling complex problems, we believe transformative change is possible!


Our Approach


We believe in collaboration because collaboration works! Decades of research has demonstrated the benefits of inclusive, participatory processes in community-based research and program evaluation.

Although our experience and technical skills offer a pathway for organizations to harness the power of research and evaluation, we believe that organizations are experts in their own right when it comes to understanding their community, initiatives, strengths, and needs. At CCG, we honor this knowledge and leverage it to ensure the highest quality products and most useful experiences result from our partnerships.

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I found the experience working with Stacey Kesten to be outstanding. She is professional, organized, and very knowledgeable. She joined our team and jumped right in. She took the time to understand our project and to study what we were trying to accomplish. Her insights and expertise helped to focus our mission and direct our project toward its goals. The final report about our project was objective, thorough, and comprehensive. Stacey was able to capture our ideas, put them into words and create a plan that will move our project forward.
— Deborah Dietz, Executive Director, Disability Independence Group, Inc.