About Collaborators Consulting Group



Stacey M. Kesten, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Principal Consultant

Dr. Stacey Kesten is an equity-oriented researcher, educator, and advocate focused on the intersections of community well-being and social change. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Miami in 2016 and has participated in numerous community-based research and evaluation projects in the United States and Canada. She has extensive experience with a diverse set of methodological tools and approaches for understanding complex social and organizational phenomena. In addition to consulting, Stacey has taught several university courses in education and psychology and regularly guest lectures on program evaluation.      


Susie Paterson, Ph.D.

Dr. Susie Paterson is an applied researcher committed to using her knowledge and skills to help strengthen community initiatives and organizational practices. She received her Ph.D. in Community Well-Being from the University of Miami. Susie has been involved in community-based research and evaluation projects with various non-profits and social change organizations throughout Massachusetts and Miami-Dade County. Her methodological toolbox includes both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and she uses a social network perspective in her work with community organizations and coalitions. When Susie is not working she likes to spend time enjoying the outdoors with her terrier-mix Animal.


Katie Beem, Ph.D.

Dr. Katie Beem is an interdisciplinary problem solver with a passion for understanding complex social-ecological systems and developing robust frameworks and measures to foster organizational impact. Her experiences range from investigating environmental education programs to designing science curriculum to community-based research for food justice. She has a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Miami and expertise in mixed-method and integrative approaches to research, education, and evaluation. Before consulting, Katie was a professor at Marquette University and Cornell University, where she taught science and research methods, and spent summers as an expedition leader in Peru for a non-profit.


Miryam Haarlammert, Ph.D.

Dr. Miryam Haarlammert has been involved in various research projects focusing on community well-being, parent-led initiatives, and migrant (refugee and immigrant) youth educational pathways. Miryam received her doctoral degree from the Community Well-Being program at the University of Miami in 2019. As a researcher, she emphasizes building relationships within research teams, and with project stakeholders and community members, striving for fair, honest, and effective partnerships. Her methodological practices utilize various approaches, with a concentration on qualitative research tools. When she’s not collaborating on projects, Miryam spends time with family, mostly playing with her energetic and curious toddler or relaxing with her cat, Comet.


Are you passionate about research, evaluation, and social change? Drop us a line to request more information on how to join the CCG team! We currently offer internship opportunities and associate positions. 

Our Guiding Values

The Collaborators Consulting Group is a values-driven consulting firm.

  1. Collaboration - As our fundamental process and guiding value, we are committed to employing inclusive, participatory practices that strategically and intentionally encourage shared decision-making throughout the various stages of research and evaluation.   

  2. Quality & Excellence - We are committed to producing the highest quality and most useful products and experiences for our partners. Towards this end, our team is involved in a continuous process of critical reflection and professional development so that we can employ the most current, creative, and innovative methods for addressing your needs.  

  3. Advocacy for Social Justice - We intentionally partner with individuals, organizations, and institutions that share our belief in the importance of equity and equality for all. We are committed to the goals of social justice and raising the voices and experiences of those who are often silenced and ignored.  

  4. Respect - We strive to demonstrate the utmost respect for all persons, cultures, and lived experiences through our ongoing commitment to cultural competency.

  5. Honesty & Transparency - Our unique approach relies on the building of trust within our partnerships. We believe that honesty, transparency, and open lines of communication are fundamental to this process.   

  6. Ethical Practice - As members of the American Evaluation Association and the Canadian Evaluation Society we strictly adhere to the guiding principles for ethical practice outlined by these organizations. They include: a) systematic Inquiry, b) competence, c) Integrity/Honesty, d) Respect for People, e) Responsibility for General and Public Welfare, and f) Accountability.   

I always recommend Stacey to other agencies. Any organization that is looking to move forward in this changing world needs someone like her. But more importantly, anyone who is planning on starting an organization needs Stacey from the beginning to ensure that their practices are ones that will lead the organization to achieve its goal. She will ensure that with the help of the members of the organization, the right practices are put in place.
— Maria Pia De Castro, Program Director, First Star University of Miami Academy